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In the treatment of periodontal disease, we employ all three of these modalities to attempt to decrease the bacterial levels in the mouth. We use ProBioraPro probiotics to try to re-establish a proper balance of good vs. bad bacteria after first reducing oral bacteria using ozone. I have had better results using ozone and probiotics for this purpose than any other product or system marketed for the same purpose. In addition, there is significantly less cost as compared with these other drugs as well, so we can charge significantly lower fees and get better results. Win-win!

In the treatment of cavities, we use ozone gas to help eliminate the bacteria within the tooth structure itself. I find it particularly helpful in trying to prevent the need for root canals if decay is approaching the nerve of a tooth. After eliminating the bacteria that are causing the decay with ozone gas, we can then initiate remineralization procedures to re-strengthen the teeth. Often this can all be done at the same appointment as the filling and it takes only a few minutes extra to do it all. Less drilling. More conservation of natural teeth. Win-win!

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