Sleep Apnea

Feeling Exhausted During the Day and Not Sure Why?

You might have mild sleep apnea and not even know it

Don't be too alarmed, it is very common to go undiagnosed. Unless your symptoms are extreme your Doctor won't even ask the basic screening questions. Even though Dentists are in the mouth every day, they don't even ask. It's not hard to see when someone's airway is smaller than others, but yet it does get ignored.

Dr. Boag is very concerned with our patient's airway. The whole team is, in fact. We take it very serious because from what we know today, it is! Not getting enough oxygen into your body while you sleep can take years off your life and leave you tired and low energy with the life you do have.

Shirley, one of Dr. Boag's assistants suffers from snoring and decided to give the sleep device a try and now she literally can not sleep without it. She reports that if she doesn't have it, she wakes up with a bad sore throat and tired throughout the day. Her husband doesn't get much sleep that night either.

Could you use a good night's sleep with no soring and wake up with new energy?

Have You Already Been Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea and Hate Your CPAP?

Send us your sleep study and we'll let you know if you can ditch your CPAP

You would be amazed how many people are using a CPAP they hate but could sleep quietly with a sleep device. Sleep specialists do what they can and they only have CPAP's to offer. To be clear, people with severe sleep apnea must use a CPAP at a higher setting. But they could also use a sleep device and lower their settings for a more relaxed sleep for themselves and their spouse.

If you have a current sleep study and your dentist has current X-rays of your full mouth, you don't even need to come in for the evaluation. We offer Virtual Visits for this step.

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